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Using the Lumen Learning Principles of Marketing Module 3: Segmentation and Targeting, create a Composite Model of the Customer in the market in which you intend to compete / are competing. Refer to Table 1. Common Market Segmentation Approaches / Positioning Maps

My market is tenants in the 35 to 49 age group who want to rent single family homes

1. What insight does it provide?

2. Is there a segment(s) that provides an opportunity upon which to build your venture? Why?

3. Develop segmentation composite in table format; percentages sum to 100%; i.e. demographics, psychographics, behavioral and decision maker segmentations were detailed, focused, and relative to venture; there was depth and thought with the information.

4. Develop positioning map based upon segmentation composite; correct use of mapping and positioning; correctly used terminology and concepts of segmenting; detailed and focused.

Reference no: EM132281125

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