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The menu structure for Holiday Travel Vehicle’s existing character-based system is shown here. Develop and prototype a new interface design for the system’s functions, using a graphical user interface. Assume that the new system will need to include the same functions as those shown in the menus provided. Include any messages that will be produced as a user interacts with your interface (error, confirmation, status, etc.). Also, prepare a written summary that describes how your interface implements the principles of good interface design as presented in the textbook. Holiday Travel Vehicles Main Menu 1 Sales Invoice 2 Vehicle Inventory 3 Reports 4 Sales Staff Type number of menu selection here:____ Holiday Travel Vehicles Sales Invoice Menu 1 Create Sales Invoice 2 Change Sales Invoice 3 Cancel Sales Invoice Type number of menu selection here:____ Holiday Travel Vehicles Vehicle Inventory Menu 1 Create Vehicle Inventory Record 2 Change Vehicle Inventory Record 3 Delete Vehicle Inventory Record Type number of menu selection here:____ Holiday Travel Vehicles Reports Menu 1 Commission Report 2 RV Sales by Make Report 3 Trailer Sales by Make Report 4 Dealer Options Report Type number of menu selection here:____ Holiday Travel Vehicles Sales Staff Maintenance Menu 1 Add Salesperson Record 2 Change Salesperson Record 3 Delete Salesperson Record Type number of menu selection here:____

Reference no: EM131042486

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