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Provide a clear, useful definition of the problem you propose to address in the Signature Assignment. A high-quality definition of a problem identifies and carefully describes the most important contextual factors impacting attempts to fully understand and ultimately solve a problem. Examples of contextual factors include – but are not limited to -- resource shortages, limited technological capacities, community or societal biases that undermine a search for solutions, and a lack of political will to move a problem higher on the agendas of policy making institutions. Essays should be approximately three double-spaced pages in length and submitted in MS Word format, double-spaced with Times-New Roman. As always, be sure to include complete, accurate citations to any sources informing your work.

Reference no: EM132234303

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Subset of the data and then re-evaluate the codes

Kavanir has developed an initial coding scheme for his qualitative data. Ideally, his next step in his analysis should be to: collect his data. develop a more detailed set of


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