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Key requirements:

  • Please this project outline assignment must be done by the same expert that did previous order 25257_1MWS46BRI413BUS_Solution.docx to ensure quality write up because this very assignment is a follow up to 25257_1MWS46BRI413BUS_Solution.docx. As such, please refer to the assignment solution and then build on it in line with this week assignment requirements stated below in the assignment question.
  • Please ensure you follow all instructions as outlined by the instructor in the assignment question below.
  • Total word counts is 1000 excluding references
  • 100% plagiarism free is a must as per this assignment solution
  • At least five academic reference sources using Harvard Referencing Style
  • Deadline for submission is 27/04/2015 by 10am
  • Requires quality academic writing from an outstanding professional expert.

Individual Project: Project Outline 
Prepare the Outline of the Final Project based on your approved Project Proposal submitted in Week 4. The Outline must be structured on the Proposal to ensure the application of the concepts and techniques learnt in this module. 

The Outline must also show progress from Week 4 regarding the following aspects of the Final Project: 

  • Explicit inclusion of one or more elements of this course;
  • Elaboration of the scenario you have chosen;
  • Cogency of your argument;
  • Consideration of counter-arguments;
  • Quantitative supporting analysis that will be required to make your case;
  • Correct format and style.

In addition, the Outline should provide a preliminary list of references that you intend to consult to support your project. 

Please make sure that you cite and reference all your outside sources properly, as per the Harvard Referencing System.

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Reference no: EM13713929

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