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After reviewing the video, think of a project team or organizational setting with which you have been associated and answer the following questions:

  1. Describe the motivational factor that influenced the team or employees.
  2. How strong was, or is, the team identity on this project and why?
  3. What could the project manager or team member participants do to strengthen team identity?
  4. What kind of informal activities could be used to rejuvenate the team? Why?
  5. After studying the different motivational theories in Chapter 3 of Leadership Theory, Application, & Skill Development, which theories would you use to motivate project team members and why?

Using Microsoft Word, write a 4-5 page paper in current APA format. Your paper should include a cover page and a reference page with 3 references (not included in the page count).

Reference no: EM131367868

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