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Part A. Some of your project team members don’t think it is possible to carry out all the activities associated with the hosting a luncheon by the date specified. Your team is now tasked with developing a network diagram. Conduct research and find two software programs that can be used to develop network diagrams. Compare and contrast the programs. Which program do you feel is superior? Why? Explain your answer.

Part B. Your team members have other responsibilities within the company. Discuss how the team can manage their time effectively to ensure their assigned project tasks are completed by the deadlines established. What is the project manager's role in ensuring the project is progressing according to the schedule established?

Reference no: EM132280936

Corporate strategy-what makes samsung conglomerate

What makes Samsung a conglomerate? What type of diversification does Samsung pursue? Identify possible factors such as core competencies, economies of scale, and economies of

What is optimal objective function value

Should be done manually (must show hand work). Making “A” as the horizontal variable, graph the problem neatly. Show the feasible region. Label constraints on graphs. Solve th

What was the primary business constraint involved

Read the full article, titled, Why Chiquita Said 'No' to Tier 1 ERP Providers and 'Yes' to SaaS Apps from Upstart Workday. Answer the following questions: What were the existi

Mean spirited when applying government powers

Under the due process clause acts of government cannot be "mean spirited" when applying government powers, government must balance the hardship and choose that means which is

Define decision variables-mathematically objective function

The Computer Services Department must decide how to allocate 21 new PC's. Three different departments have been designated to receive the PC's: the Production Department, Mark

Use in keeping track of organizational performance

Designed originally for senior executives to use in keeping track of organizational performance, these graphics now show employees at all levels how they and the company are d

Explain distributive justice and how it relates to employee

Explain distributive justice and how it relates to employee motivation. Explain the utilitarian, libertarian, and Rawlsian views of justice. How are they similar? How are they

Design of information system and hiring a new employee

Describe how the view of operations as a process can be applied to the following types of work: acquisition of another company, closing the books at the end of the year, marke


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