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Design Project:

Considering all reading and course discussions, design the physical security requirements for a privately owned three-story office and paper and computer storage facility.

This question requires you to incorporate all the major points from the course reading and discussions: physical design, CPTED, physical security, barriers, locks, lighting, IDS, entry control and CCTV/recording. The greater the detail/application of each of these and other security measures the greater your score.

As a basis for your physical security requirements, ensure you incorporate standards, guidelines, best practices and/or other resources that are properly cited via in-text citations and references. Superior projects that receive high scores will include numerous standards, guidelines, etc (particularly those from ASIS, other organizations, and government sources).

Projects should be a "minimum" of seven pages (not including a reference page, diagrams, charts, lists, appendices, etc.) and "not" exceed 10 pages. As this is not a standard research paper, a cover page or abstract are not necessary.

However, your project should include an introduction, body (various physical security elements to be included in and around the building), and conclusion("title" Conclusion). For organizational purposes,

make certain you use headings and sub-headings ("per the APA") in your project (major/common point loss area). Headings should include the various physical security components (barriers, etc.). "Sub"-headings are and the supporting standards, etc.

Reference no: EM13778995

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