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Manager A is a department manager with thirty years of experience in the company. For the last several years, he has worn two hats and acted as both project manager and functional manager on a variety of projects. He is an expert in his field. The company has decided to incorporate formal project management and has established a project management department. Manager B, a thirty-year-old employee with three years of experience with the company, has been assigned as project manager. In order to staff his project, manager B has requested from manager A that manager C (a personal friend of manager B) be assigned to the project as the functional representative. Manager C is twenty-six years old and has been with the company for two years. Manager A agrees to the request and informs manager C of his new assignment, closing with the remarks, “This project is yours all the way. I don’t want to have anything to do with it. I’ll be too busy with paperwork as the result of our new organizational structure. Just send me a memo once in a while telling me what’s happening.”

During the project kickoff meeting it became obvious to both manager B and manager C that the only person with the necessary expertise was manager A. Without the support of manager A, the time duration for project completion could be expected to double. This situation is ideal for role playing.

Put yourself in the place of managers A, B, and C and discuss the reasons for your actions. How can this problem be overcome?

How do you get manager A to support the project?

Who should inform upper-level management of this situation?

When should upper-level management be informed?

Would any of your answers change if manager B and manager C were not close friends?

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The paper is about how there are three managers and only one of them who is the senior manager of the firm is the one who has all the information about the company. Also the other two managers are the ones who do not have much idea and therefore the paper talks about how manager A needs to take out ample amount of time to be able to explain things to them. The paper has been prepared in Microsoft Office.

Reference no: EM131181139

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