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Explain the types and purpose of a Project Management Organization or department within an organization. What role can the PMO play in helping to ensure project excellent? What are some informal tactics that a PMO can perform to ensure a strong project management team. During your discussion, list any negatives that may occur as the result of a PMO. List references please?

Reference no: EM131170854

Describe the organization

Introduction slide Agenda slide Describe the organization, with a brief description Explain the business problem or opportunity Analyze why the business problem is important

Developments in strategic supply chain management

Describe the developments in strategic supply chain management in recent years and explain how the adoption of the new approaches could assist W Company to improve its compe

Western versus asian culture on expressing emotion

All human beings experience similar emotions, but the way they are expressed can vary in different cultures. Explain what you learned about the influence of Western versus A

Baby boomers seek new ways to escape career

Use the CSU Online Library and look up the article "Baby Boomers Seek New Ways to Escape Career Claustrophobia" through the ABI/INFORM Complete database (from June 24, 2003)

Hotel management contract

Give one example of what might be included in a hotel management contract. Why is this important from the owner's perspective versus the management company's perspective and

Standards for hospitals set by joint commission and osha

As you review the Joint Commission and OSHA standards, what overlap or redundancy do you see in the standards? Why do you think this overlap is present? Based on the standar

Problem regarding the emotional intelligence

Why is emotional intelligence so important when leading others? In particular, why is recognizing the emotions in others important? Discuss how you will continue to improve yo

Leadership and performance management as a professional

In relation to Leadership and Performance Management as a professional,  review the below questions and create a 6-7 page write-up outlining the responses to the below quest


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