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1. Task Description


You are required to work with a real life organisation in order to produce a Project Management Report which oversees 2-3 projects for the company chosen.

The Report should guide and enable your client to make a rational selection from options for a proposed computer application or system.

If your project is large or if you have any doubt about how suitable it is, check with your lecturer before starting.

Choice of organisation:

Being a Masters student we would hope that you have a some real life work experience that you can utilise for the potential organisation. If that is not the case consider a company that you can handle, think about the context of the projects that they potentially have running.

Report submission requirements

Your Report is to include the following sections and components. You are advised to use this outline as a starting point for your Table of Contents. The final submission is to be formatted as a report document with page numbering, section headings, and all other appropriate report formatting requirements, including executive summary and appendices.

Section 1 - Initial Investigation

This section should include background information for the system under study. You should include:
o Name and background information on the organisation being studied;
o Simple organisation chart showing the overall structure of the business;
o Description of area of the organisation under study (with possible causes of problems in current operations and possible solutions);
o System Vision Document - problem description, anticipated business benefits and system capabilities;
o Work Breakdown Structure for your tasks to complete the System Requirements Report;
o Estimated time and costs for your analysis tasks to complete the Project Report;
o What project(s) shall not go ahead?
o Risk Analysis chart and feasibility analysis as to whether to proceed.

Section 2 - Detailed Analysis
This section should include detailed analysis of the specific area of the business under study. You will need to include summaries and evidence of your data gathering activities, including the details of at least one interview. You may consider presenting this evidence as Appendices in your report (interview details as signed Minutes of the Meeting, as well as the results of your other data gathering techniques).

This section should demonstrate your ability to use the following tools:

• Project Proposal
• Assumptions
• Projects that are being considered
• Project Plan
• Variance Request
• Schedule
• Budget
• Issues
• Issues & Risks Log
• Future work required to implement the recommended system using a Gantt chart showing Critical Path Analysis.

Section 3 - Conclusions and Recommendations
This section should summarise your findings based on the information generated above. Please include your recommendations for the next step in the development of this information system;

You are required to use appropriate computer software packages to produce output for many of the above techniques. This approach should assist you with the inevitable changes that you (or another analyst, in a real life system) will need to make, and also gives a better quality and hence more readable result. Project Libre is an excellent tool to use for free at home.

This is a major assessment for this unit. You are required to put into real-life practise many of the skills that are addressed in this Analysis unit. Because for most of you this will be the first time that you have undertaken such an exercise, you are allowed to take "poetic license". This means that wherever possible you must describe the requirements of the information system that you are investigating, using the range of tools and techniques described above. However, if the requirements are not well suited to utilising all of the above tools and techniques, you may "bend slightly" the system requirements in order for you to demonstrate (to your lecturer/tutor) that you can use each of the above approaches in a meaningful way.

For example: should your chosen business have only 3 employees, you may add 2 extra employees to demonstrate your knowledge of constructing an organisation chart

3. Length
As each student's assignment will refer to a different business, there is no set length for this assignment. However, you should refer to the rubric available on the website for marking criteria and each section should be of sufficient length to adequately describe that section. The word count should be around 2000 words approximately

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The solution file explained the project plan proposal for pepsico retail store. Project schedule. Wbs. Resources gantt chart were demonstrated and explained. Strategic planning and issues of management have been discussed.

Reference no: EM132280254

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Length As each student’s assignment will refer to a different business, there is no set length for this assignment. However, you should refer to the rubric available on the website for marking criteria and each section should be of sufficient length to adequately describe that section. The word count should be around 2000 words approximately Marking criteria Marking criteria is available via a rubric on ilearn. 5. Submission Format You will be required to check this assignment through Turnitin on ilearn. Please leave adequate time to review your assignment for originality, through the Turnitin process. Your final major report assignment submission should be in the form of ONE Microsoft Word document, including the Turnitin statement. You should include your diagrams in this Word document, as clear graphics. Note: any graphics that cannot be clearly seen will NOT be marked. Your Word document should be named as: Lastname_FirstIinitial_MajorReport.doc (or docx). For example, my submission would be named Mansour_M_MajorReport.doc or Mansour_M_MajorReport.docx.

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