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Question: The report should contain 4 parts given below, and each part should consider the points mentioned. 

Part 1: The organisation''s strategy 
-Process based organisational structure 
-Business transformation and integration 
-Organisational design and leadership 
-Project management and measurement requirements 
-Stakeholders and stakeholder management 

Part 2: Enterprise analysis 
-Organisational frame 
-Business process technologies 
-Design Principles 
-Environmental analysis 
-Implementation strategy 
-Defining requirements 
-Documenting current business systems 
-Modelling current and future systems 
-Requirements elicitation 

Part 3: Performance evaluation 
-Process evaluation 
-Critical success factors 
-Validate proposed systems 
-Investment appraisal 

Part 4: Potential change management and risk issues 
-Overall change process 
-Barriers and enablers to change 
-Internal and external communications 
-Risk analysis 
-Leadership and change agent roles 

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Reference no: EM13732566

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