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CASE STUDY – Read the information below and respond to the questions listed at the end of the reading.

Judy Jordan has just begun working as the health information manager in a large physician group practice. At this practice, the patient’s name is the primary patient identifier in a record, and the records are filed alphabetically. Misfiles are a frequent problem, and in a large practice, patients sometimes have similar names. The records are not kept in a uniform format. Many of the doctors use an integrated format, but three of the physicians use the POMR.

The practice wants to transition to an electronic health record. In reviewing the encounter forms, Judy finds codes that are no longer valid. She questions the staff and finds that no one can remember when the encounter form was updated. Bills frequently are returned for invalid codes. Electronic systems for patient registration and appointments have been implemented, but the staff also keeps a manual appointment log.

A computer-generated list of appointments is given to the HIM clerk on the day prior to the appointments so the records can be pulled and available when the patients arrive. Many appointments that are entered in the manual log are not also entered in the electronic appointment system. The HIM clerk, therefore, spends extensive time each day pulling records for those appointments that are not on the computer-generated list. Judy has been asked to make suggestions for making the office run more smoothly.


1. What are the main problems identified with current office procedures?

Develop a plan to solve each of the identified problems.

Reference no: EM132234041

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