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This course project gives you the opportunity to select a problem that currently exists in our healthcare system and analyze its implications on our healthcare system. The paper should critically analyze the issues related to the topic and identify key strategies for improvement. In order to meet the project requirements, it is important to identify an issue or problem within the healthcare system. Please analyze and review the grading rubric to understand why this is important. Both web references and professional journals should be considered as references. Don't overlook the Keller Online Library as an important source of information for your paper. The paper should include 8-10 references in APA or another approved format. 

See a more detailed Grading Rubric below.

The length of the final paper should be approximately 8-10 pages, double-spaced in MS Word.

  • Describe the problems with our multiple reimbursement systems.
  • Discuss how a single-payer system may improve access and cost containment in the U.S. healthcare system.
  • Evaluate the lack of reimbursement environments for preventive healthcare programs, and evaluate the effectiveness of the current reimbursement patterns. Propose solutions for expanding these programs.
  • Describe the problems in the U.S. healthcare system and how we might use another nation's healthcare system for reform. Evaluate how a new system would improve access to care, quality of care, and the efficient utilization of resources.
  • Choose one particular form of complementary (nontraditional, alternative) medicine and explain why it may not be accepted by insurance providers or reimbursed by insurance companies. Describe its clinical approach and effectiveness, evaluate its economic impact, and review its potential for mainstream use, including future licensing and third party reimbursement.
  • Evaluate the problem of fraud and abuse in the current U.S. healthcare system. Analyze the effectiveness of the OIG's Healthcare Fraud and Abuse Program, and analyze effective actions healthcare organizations can take to decrease their liability in this area, offering examples.
  • Critically evaluate the readiness and the effectiveness of the U.S. Healthcare Delivery System in responding to a widespread bioterrorism event; propose changes as appropriate to your analysis.
  • Discuss some of the problems in measuring quality in the healthcare environment and investigate quality measurement. Provide options for quality measurement and the processes that could be measured in a healthcare setting.
  • Critically evaluate the use of technology in healthcare and the challenges it presents in healthcare delivery. Offer specific examples or situations addressing technology's contributions to improving the quality of health and healthcare; consider impact on healthcare costs and analyze trade-offs.
  • Describe the problem of medical errors in our delivery system. Evaluate the effectiveness of selected programs aimed at reducing medical errors in the U.S. healthcare system; discuss one or more of the most effective measures identified to date and make recommendations for additional action.

Reference no: EM131372234

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