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Suppose ξ and ζ are two random variables with E(ξ ) E(ζ ) = 0. Show that var(ξ ) E(ξ 2and cov(ξ, ζ ) E(ξ ζ ). Notes. More generally, var(ξ ) E(ξ 2- [E(ξ )]2 and cov(ξ, ζ ) E(ξ ζ ) E(ξ )E(ζ ).

Reference no: EM131028428

Find the sum of squares due to each of the contrasts

Find the sum of squares due to each of the contrasts and discuss their contribution to the treatment sum of squares.- What null hypothesis is indicated by contrast 1? Test the

Smallest value that the mean of the distribution

Let the number of chocolate drops in a certain type of cookie have a Poisson distribution. We want the probability that a cookie of t"his type contains at least two chocolat

Compute mean of distribution of sample means

List all samples of size 2, and compute the mean of each sample. Compute the mean of the distribution of sample means and the population mean. Compare the two values. Compare

Determining the values in public colleges

The following table gives in-state tuition costs (in dollars) for 15 randomly selected colleges taken from a list of the 100 best values in public colleges (source: Kiplinge

Width of the confidence interval

Clearly explain the relationship between confidence level and the width of the confidence interval. Illustrate how changes in the confidence interval will affect the probabi

Construct upper and lower control limits for the x chart

Construct upper and lower control limits for the x chart, using the given product parameters. (b) Plot the data on the control chart. (c) Is this process in control? Explain

Age-adjusted percent smoking-time

The estimated age-adjusted percent of persons 18 years of age and over who smoke cigarettes are shown below for females and males for selected years.

Evaluate true proportion of coin head by confidence interval

We want to test the hypothesis about fairness of spinning the coin. Evaluate the true proportion of heads. Use 95% confidence interval. Do not forget to check conditions first


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