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Suppose that the marginal product of labor is: MP = 100 - L, where L is the number of workers hired. You can sell the product in the marketplace for $50 per unit, and the wage rate for labor is $100. How many workers should you hire?

Reference no: EM131087150

Familiar with the process of working with human subjects

You should be familiar with the process of working with human subjects and the importance of gaining informed consent when conducting primary research. Throughout history ther

What is the value of supply chains

Create your own personal supply chain in graph form. Consider both who supplies you and who you supply. You may use the Excel spreadsheet tool provided in this week's lesson o

Determine if process is in control or gone out of control

Process Control for variables can be done via Control Charts, such as Mean (X-bar) and Range (R-bar) Charts. Both of these charts are required to determine if a Process is in

What would the optimal basestock policy be

Suppose retailer demand each period was Normally distributed with average of 8 and standard deviation of 2. Backorders cost $2 per unit per period and excess inventory costs $

Discusses the impact of the fair labor standards act

As the new human resources (HR) manager, you have been asked to review the current workforce policies to ensure compliance with laws that would impact the health care organiza

Discuss the pros and cons of doing business with government

Discuss the pros and cons of doing business with the government, as well as how conducting business with the federal government is different from conducitng business with co

Order to successfully administer a collective agreement

What should unions and employers do in order to successfully administer a collective agreement? What are some challenges that they face with doing so? Acquisitions have been f

Economic environment in china opening an uber service

Discuss the influence of the country’s infrastructure and economic conditions (inflation, currency exchange rate, interest rates, unemployment, personal income) on startup cos


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