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Event Preparation - Discussion

Infrastructure Disaster

1. You have been tasked with taking over existing planning for a music event to replicate Woodstock. The client has two goals. The first is to ensure 200,000 spectators buy tickets and the second is to receive international media exposure. Early in the planning stages you identify infrastructure gaps in the planning that are leading to disaster with such a large group. How do you reorganize the plan and get the stakeholders on board? How do you ensure the spectators are safe and have all the expected comfortable amenities expected with an outdoor music festival?

2. Let's dive deeper into the event safety.  As you can imagine, an event planner is/can be liable for the safety of event goers. Highlight two safety issues that could go wrong, and what steps an event planner could take to mitigate these issues.

3.  In continuing our discussion on the outdoor concert, identify a weather related issue that could arise and how you would handle it.

Reference no: EM131065747

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