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EAC Approach

You are evaluating two different cookie-baking ovens. The Pillsbury 707 costs $71,000, has a 5-year life, and has an annual OCF (after tax) of -$11,500 per year. The Keebler CookieMunster costs $97,500, has a 7-year life, and has an annual OCF (after tax) of -$9,500 per year.

If your discount rate is 12 percent, what is each machine's EAC? (Negative amounts should be indicated by a minus sign. Round your answers to 2 decimal places.)

Reference no: EM131173272

What is a niche market

What is a “niche market”? Explain how and why small business entrepreneurs might be better able to start and sustain a business in niche markets. Who is Clayton Christensen an

What is being converted or transformed in the process

Describe each process and its inputs, activities, and outputs. What is being converted or transformed in the process? Who are the customers, suppliers, and stakeholders for

Best method for conducting a job analysis

Describe and explain which method you believe is the “best method” for conducting a job analysis. Be specific as to why you chose this method. Describe the difference between

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Why do human resources managers at Starbucks need to be kept informed about any changes in the number and timing of new store openings planned for the coming year? Why does St

Employers unfair labor practice-retaliation

Explain why you agree or disagree with the Supreme Court’s ruling? The union’s aggressive behavior in this case led to the claims and cross claims that finally reached the US

Determine an optimal order size

A wine company's daily demand is normally distributed with a mean of 18 bottles, and a standard deviation of 4 bottles. This company checks their winery's stock every 30 days.

Can the idealism of individual liberty survive

Can the idealism of individual liberty survive in an era of unprecedented acts of terror against the United States? Should our principles be more important to us than our secu

Describe the differences between od practices domestically

Describe an organizational change initiative that you have experienced or researched (choose one). In what specific instances would that change initiative be most applicable


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