Probability exceed the capacity of the plane

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Find the indicated probability. Round to three decimal places.

An airline estimates that 90% of people booked on their flights actually show up. If the airline books 71 people on a flight for which the maximum number is 69, what is the probability that the number of people who show up will exceed the capacity of the plane?

Reference no: EM13103660

Find the critical value

Find the critical value having an area of 0.95 to its right for an F-curve with 8 numerator degrees of freedom and 15 denominator degrees of freedom.

Advance statistics and quality improvement

A company of cell phones want to know if the age Is affecting the number of minute used per day. Using and alpha of 5% determine is the humidity affects the rate of producti

Determine the multiple regression equation

Determine the multiple regression equation and interpret the partial regression coefficients.- Determine the 95% confidence interval for the population partial regression coef

Ratio of the person-time incidence

What is the ratio of the person-time incidence (or incidence density) of prostate cancer in fixed night shift to the person-time incidence of prostate cancer in Daytime work

Find minimum sample size to assure estimate of p

The required margin of error around the population p. Margin of error: 0.09; confidence level: 95%; from a prior study, p is estimated by the decimal equivalent of 87%.

Anova-mutual fund performance

Mutual funds are classified as large-cap funds, medium cap funds, or small-cap funds, depending ont eh capitalizaiton of the companies in the fund.

Under control and follows a normal distribution

A process is under control and follows a normal distribution with mean 100 and standard deviation 10. In constructing a standard -chart for this process, the control limits a

Probability of being correct sixteen-more times by guessing

She predicts correctly on 16 tosses. What is the probability of being correct 16 or more times by guessing? Does this probability seem to verify her claim?


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