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The imagined circumstances which the exam will test are as follows. After completing Business Law and graduating from Wayland University, you decide to start a business of your own. With some personal savings, equity on your house and a twenty thousand dollar inheritance, you weigh many small business opportunities that might be taken: You could buy a carwash, or start an office cleaning company, or operate a copy/mail store, or hang a shingle as a tax consultant or start a professional nanny service, or a Photography business—you must choose a small business following your talents and interests. Choose any business that suits you and apply business law to the following essay questions.

You wish to set high ethical standards in business and follow principles of corporate social responsibility. Describe steps and actions to follow with this commitment.

Reference no: EM132234927

What is the duration of the bond

You purchase a $100 face value U.S 10%, 30-year bond for $110. What is the duration of the bond. what is the current yield of the bond? is it higher or lower than the bond’s y

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About consumer protection laws, what are some of the different Consumer Protection Laws that Congress has enacted and what protection do they provide to the consumer? What cre

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Write minimum four paragraph well researched country culture analysis. Use four -five ( Hofstede or Trompnar's) cultural dimension ( mentioned on slide-9) to differentiate you

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In 350- to 700-words, discuss the challenges that leaders and security professionals encounter when trying to balance policy, training, and technology to secure organization

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Conditions of Performance. The Caplans contract with Faithful Construction, Inc., to build a house for them for $360,000. The specifications state “all plumbing bowls and fixt

Analyze pros also cons of each of the six software system

You will need to comprise information such as cost, compatibility with current systems also work flow processes, functionality, ease of use also end user support.

Organizations are expected to encourage ethical behavior

Organizations are expected to encourage ethical behavior among their employees. Most companies do; unfortunately, some do not. Imagine that you work as a salesperson for one o

What is the probability of stock

Suppose that Joe, and APICS certified analyst, informs that he has heard about a new form that in the event of a stock? out, guarantees to provide overnight as many addition


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