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PART 1: IDENTIFYING THE CUSTOMER AND PROBLEM Describe a primary decision maker in example of target segment: who they are, what they like, how they make buying decisions. Describe the primary problem(s) your organization, product or service will help them solve.

PART 2: FACTORS INFLUENCING CUSTOMER DECISIONS Provide a brief profile target segment example using at least three of the following categories:

Geographic characteristics: e.g., location, region, population size or climate.

Personal and demographic characteristics: e.g., age, gender, family size, family life stage, income, personality.

Social and Psychological characteristics: e.g., culture, social class, lifestyle, motivation, attitudes, reference groups, beliefs.

Situational characteristics: e.g., buying situation, level of involvement, market offerings, frequency of use, brand loyalty.

B2B/organizational buying considerations: e.g., individual factors, organizational factors, business environment factors, types of complexity

PART 3: REACHING THE CUSTOMER Based on this profile, identify 2–3 marketing strategies or tactics you believe would be effective at reaching this target segment, and briefly explain why they are a good fit.

Reference no: EM132234196

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