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Pretend you are about to open a new restaurant.

1. Explain the CBP (primary and supporting elements). What are the “Order Winners” that will help provide a competitive advantage?

2. List elements that will need to be addressed to get started (such as advertising, employee hiring and training, permits, etc.). What marketing channel or methods will be used? How much lead time will be needed for these activities before the planned opening date?

Reference no: EM131441720

Stopping time for this machine when the e-stop is activated

When an e-stop is pushed, it sends a stop signal to the machine controls which takes 30 milliseconds (ms). The machine controls then send a signal to the machine brake which t

Cutbacks at a federal research laboratory in upstate

In 2008, there was a Supreme Court case that was brought by 28 employees who lost their jobs during cutbacks at a federal research laboratory in upstate New York. All but one

Cutting speed for maximum production rate

A cemented carbide tool is used to turn a part with length=18in and diameter=3 in. The parameters in the Taylor equation are n=0.27 and C=1200. The rate for the operator and

What features you want to emphasize in your campaign

You have been asked to come up with a new ad campaign for a national pizza chain. You would like to target both young adults and families with children, but you don't have the

Received a new price list from a supplier

A manager just received a new price list from a supplier. It will now cost $1.00 a box for order quantities of 801 or more boxes, $1.10 a box for 200 to 800 boxes, and $1.20 a

Based on six sigma theory

A manager states that her process is really working well. Out of 1.500 parts, 1,469 were produced free of a particular defect and passed inspection. Based on Six Sigma theory,

Identify two organizational or management practices

Identify two organizational/management practices that you believe contribute to job dissatisfaction and explain why they have such an effect. Use appropriate examples to dem

What is the problem with standard mark-up pricing

What is the problem with standard mark-up pricing? How do buyers and sellers lose from this type of pricing strategy? What is the advantage to selling your product at only one


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