Price discrimination question

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Price discrimination question

Some tennis clubs charge an up-front fee to join and per-hour charge for court time. Others do not charge membership fee but charge a higher per-hour fee for court time. Consider clubs in two different locations. One is located in a suburban area where the residnets tned to be of similar age, income, and occupation. The other is in the city with a more diverse population. Which of the locations is more likely to charge a membership fee? Explain.

Consider three firms: a shoe store at the mall, an automoble dealership, and a house painting firm.

a. Which firm would you expect to engage in the most price discrimination? Why?

b. How has the Internet changed the pricing policies of these businesses?

Reference no: EM1355413

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Rebecca is interested in purchasing a European call on a hot new stock, Up, Inc. The call has a strike price of $100 and expires in 90 days. The current price of Up stock is

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he never expected the rise in unauthorized dealers that came with the e-commerce boom. When Jordan decided to look for the SAS name on eBay, he came up thousands of sellers.


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