Presentation slides must be in the irac method
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1. Select a case below to find, read, understand and present.

2. The length of the written assignment is to be approximately 2000 Words. (Each member of the group must write 1000 words).

3. The presentation slides must be in the IRAC method. Maximum 8 slides, and three short points per slide.

4. Each member of the group is to present two parts of the IRAC method (I= issues and facts; Relevant laws and principles; A= Arguments of the parties and analysis, C= conclusion and court outcome).

Hawkins v Clayton (1988)


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In the Courts underneath the offended party argued two reasons for activity each of which obliged verification of an obligation owing by the specialists speedily to educate Mr Hawkins of the will: rupture of agreement and a tortious break of obligation. The agreement which the offended party tried to build up was an agreement between Mr Hawkins and the specialists.

The recommendation that there was an agreement making such an obligation appears to have been construct mostly in light of the proposal that the specialists had indicated to follow up for the benefit of Mr Hawkins and that Mr Hawkins had approved their activities, the agreement being surmised from the way that Mr Hawkins took care of a demand for installment to the specialists of expenses brought about by them before they educated Mr Hawkins of the will.

The expenses included things identifying with enquiries about Mr Hawkins and his whereabouts. It is impractical to induce from these circumstances that the specialists made an agreement with Mr Hawkins by which they attempted an obligation of consideration in performing the expert administrations which they had performed before getting directions from Mr Hawkins. Be that as it may, Yeldham J. found that an alternate contract was made between Mr Hawkins and the specialists.

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