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You have been asked by the CIO to create a Microsoft® PowerPoint® training presentation along with an accompanying summary security guide handout for new employees in the IT, Accounting/Finance, and Engineering departments, explaining how they can help with IT security.

Create a 10-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® training presentation which describes each goal, its definition, values, and importance to your company. Include the following:

  • Refer to the topics as listed in the linked Week Five Individual assignment and use which topics are appropriate for this assignment
  • Adequate references to support your findings, information, and opinions
  • A minimum of two outside academic references are required
  • Videos, audio, photos, diagrams, or graphs as appropriate
  • Substantial speaker notes to elaborate on the key points of your plan
  • Optionally, audio narration within your presentation
  • APA Formatting

Create a 2-page Microsoft® Word Summary Guide on this presentation. Include the following:

  • Goals and objectives of the presentation in summary form
  • Adequate references to support your findings, information, and opinions
  • A minimum of two outside academic references are required
  • APA Formatting

Reference no: EM131220652

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