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Course Project - Preparing Project Documentation Project Objectives Checklist Familiarize yourself with the planning documentation phase. Create a new project use-case file. Give the project an appropriate name. Write a project summary. Write a project schedule that contains timelines and project tasks. Write and identify project risks. Submit the module use-case document to the course Dropbox for grading. The project planning phase is devoted to identifying and documenting the project purpose, the scope of the project, a schedule with timelines, risks and project milestones. These project requirements are about you working on and building a new use-case document. The project is an individual who takes the lead with this document and works with all the users and Subject Matter Experts (SME) to fulfill the documents requirements. Your objective is to learn the basics of how to build a use-case document, which can be used for any type of Information Technology (IT) project such as software development enhancements or infrastructure implementation projects and infrastructure enhancements. Begin by creating a new Microsoft Word document and saving it to your hard drive somewhere. Give the document a name, typically the document would represent a project number and/or a project name. Use the naming standards that you would find on the Internet or commonly used for business purposes, name the file appropriately. There are several project components used for creating the requirements documentation. In this assignment, you will only document a couple of these components such as risks and analysis. At the beginning of the use-case document create a project summary. The summary is a paragraph that describes the project and the purpose of the project. Make sure the summary clearly describes the project, so anyone who reads this document will understand its purpose. There should be enough details so the reader does not have any questions about the projects purpose. Create a project schedule that contains a six-week plan of what you would want to accomplish during the six weeks. Since this course moves quickly, make sure that you identify each weekly set of goals with enough objectives so you are successful. Estimate each week's objectives with tasks to do for each module. Make the schedule in a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet with a header row that is clear and precise. The spreadsheet will help keep the schedule organized. Copy and paste the schedule into your use-case document (the Word file). Develop another paragraph to document the projects risks. The risks can be anything that would threaten the project's success. Document as many risks necessary and consider risks for software requirements, hardware requirements, staffing, timelines, and project costs.

Reference no: EM132184686

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