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Of the items that Dr. Dave Ulrich mentioned in the you tube video (in the reading assignments for the week) for preparing for HR transformations, select two that you think are most important for the transformation you will recommend in your third paper.

Reference no: EM131359762

Describe compensation issues

Question 1: Describe compensation issues you feel are important in your organization. Why would you rank these above others? Question 2: If your organization decided it had t

Concept of equity in financial compensation

This week's discussion board allows you to explore the concept of Equity in Financial Compensation. The text discusses four types of equity in compensation: 1) external, 2) in

Relevant to blending a diverse workforce

You are required to research and choose articles relevant to blending a diverse workforce and post the article or link to an article for everyone to read. The post must incl

Analyze an organizational culture

You will be asked to analyze an organizational culture. This could be the organization you work with, or it could be some other organization to which you have access. Rememb

Which dispatching rule has the best score for flow time

The following jobs are waiting to be processed at Rick Solano's machine center. Solano's machine center has a relatively long backlog and sets a fresh schedule every 2 weeks

What sequence would the jobs be processed

The following 5 overhaul jobs are waiting to be processed at Avianic's Engine Repair Inc. Using the critical ratio scheduling rule, in what sequence would the jobs be processe

Changing demographics in workplace-changing social policy

Find a resource related to it. Examine the topic from either the employer or employee perspective. You might find articles what present good practices or that relate bad pra

Which decision is best and why

In what sequence would the jobs be ranked according to the following decision rules: (a) FCFS, (b) EDD, (c) SPT, and (d) LPT? All dates are specified as manufacturing planni


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