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You are to prepare the project scope and initial requirements and assumptions for a new Interface Design project for the Museum Guided Exhibition as outlined in the Museum Guided Exhibition problem case study.

You are to prepare a Project Brief for this project.

You should approach this project as a "blue sky" project. That is, you are going to design and develop an interface that is different to those that you have previously worked on. This means that your planning will necessarily be somewhat more diffident as you will be doing research during the planning and design process to achieve your design aims.

Your project brief should include the following sections:

1. Overview
2. Vision
3. Scope
4. Outcomes
5. Key assumptions
6. Objectives, Outputs and Targets
7. Success Criteria

The project brief should concentrate on the Overview, Vision, Scope, Outcomes and Key Assumptions at this stage. These sections define your vision for the project and should be reasonably well developed.

The Objectives and Success Criteria may not be well known at this stage, but some effort should be made to determine what they are. These will be added to later in the project.

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Reference no: EM13688108

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