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Assignment 7: Case Study Analysis

Read the Case Study: "Whistler Corporation" pp. 255-266

Review Chapter 11 and follow the Decision Case Study Method to analyze the case for this week. Following the guidelines of the Decision Case Study Method, complete a 3-4 page analysis of the case.

Your paper should include a Cover Page, Abstract, 3-4 page analysis, and a Reference page making the final submission a minimum of 6-7 pages. You will need to include at least three additional sources in your research.

Follow the APA format for the paper as reviewed in week one of the course. Make sure to use in-text citations for all of your writing. Although you are summarizing the work into your own words, you must identify where the information is coming from within the text of your paper. Please refer to the sample papers located in the Week 2 Moodle Classroom. Be sure to provide a conclusion and evidence to support your conclusion. Download the APA guide at

The assignment will be submitted through Turn-it-In to review plagiarism within the document. The acceptable similarity percentage is 20%. Please review your similarity prior to posting your final assignment.

The grading rubric for the assignment is as follows:

Case Analysis-
APA Format-
Writing Style-

These following attachments are the case study that you need to analyze (total 11 files IMG_7373-IMG_7383)

And for the files IMG_7389-IMG_7408 total 19 files those are the Chapter 11 that you need to follow the Decision case study method to analyze the case study.

Reference no: EM131058370

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