Prepare an analysis of pizza huts social media presence

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Task Research Report


The purpose of this task is to encourage students to identify and prepare a written critique of a range of features relating to an organisation's social media presence and strategy.

Learning Outcomes

The following learning outcomes are reinforced in the completion of this task: K1, K2, K4, S1, A1 and A2.


Students are required to prepare a research report of approximately 2000 words. Students are required to select from a list of organisations and prepare an analysis of the organisation's social media presence and strategy.

Students should report an analysis and evaluation of the following aspects in relation to their selected organisation:

• social media presence

• social media audience

• social media marketing

• ethics, privacy and security

• social media technologies

Select one from the following list of organisations:

• Monash University

• Dell Computers

• Pizza Hut

• Ford Motor Company

• Starbucks

• Zappos

Academic Presentation:

Reports should be presented as a business style report, including title page, executive summary, table of contents, introduction, body encompassing analysis and discussion, conclusion, and references in accordance with:

• General Guide to Referencing:
• General Guide to Writing and Study Skills:

Reference no: EM13832796

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