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Complete the following: Jayantha commenced business on 1 January 2010 with equity of £100,000.

During the year ending 31 December 2010, he paid £92,400 for purchasing goods for sale (all of which was sold) and £31,450 for various expenses. He received £139,250 by sale of goods. Jayantha has drawn £12,000 in cash and introduced a motor car to the business valued at £10,000.

What is Jayantha's equity at 31 December 2010? £115,400 £127,400 £137,400 £113,400

The following information relates to Simonson Engineering as at 30 September 2010: £ Plant and machinery 25,000 Trade payables 18,000 Short-term borrowings 26,000 Inventories 45,000 Property 72,000 Long-term borrowings 51,000 Trade receivables 48,000 Equity at 1 October 2009 117,500 Cash in hand 1,500 Motor vehicles 15,000 Fixtures and fittings 9,000 Profit for the year to 30 September 2010 18,000

Drawings for the year to 30 September 2010 15,000 Using this information, prepare a statement of financial position for the business using the standard layout illustrated in Example 2.5 on p.48 of Atrill, P., & E. McLaney, (2011) Accounting and Finance for Non-Specialists, 7th edition, Harlow: FT/Prentice Hall. An accountant prepared a statement of financial position for a business. In this statement, the equity of the owner was shown next to the liabilities.

This confused the owner, who argued: 'My equity is my major asset and so should be shown as an asset on the statement of financial position'. How would you explain this misunderstanding to the owner?

The statement of financial position shows how much a business is worth. Do you agree with this statement?

Explain the reasons for your response. Compute the missing amount in the accounting equation for each business. Name of business Assets Liabilities Equity Hudson Gift and Cards 37,000 35,000 New Street Garage 85,000 39,000 Hair Styles 92,000 53,000 At the year end, the total assets of a business were £189,000 and the total liabilities were £126,000.

During the year, the owner withdrew £10,000 and introduced a further £18,000 in equity. The business began the year with total assets £180,000 and total liabilities of £112,000. What is the profit (loss) for the year? £8,000 (profit) £13,000 (loss) £8,000 (loss) £13,000 (profit)

A company that produces a single product provides the following information: budgeted sales of 40,000 units, margin of safety 25% of budgeted sales, total fixed costs £240,000.

What is the contribution per unit of the company's product?

£8.00 £4.80 £24.00 £6.00

A business makes 2,000 units of a particular product. It spent £24,000 on material and it paid its operatives £40,000.

Fixed costs of running the factory were £50,000.

The salesforce were also paid £18,000 and the head office costs were £100,000.

In order to break even the selling price per unit will have to be: £84 £66 £116 £32

Reference no: EM13944239

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