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Paper Type: Case Study

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Subject Area: Project Management

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Part 1: Initiating

Biotech, Inc. is one of the world’s fastest growing biotechnology firms. In addition to performing basic research, the company provides several FDA-approved drugs. They have recently expanded into the genetically modified food market and energy market, as well. The company has over 30,000 employees today, having added almost 10,000 people last year alone. They predict that they will continue to grow in the future. They currently are headquartered in California and have offices in six other states and five other countries. They plan to open four additional offices next year. Part of the reason for the company’s success has been their strong work culture. The company’s founders wanted to focus on using science and innovation to improve people’s lives. They believe in hiring highly talented and motivated individuals who can work well on self-managed teams. You have been working for Biotech, Inc. for the last two years in their information technology department. You have just been assigned as a senior systems analyst supporting the new Resource Management System Project. Due to their rapid growth, the CIO and the VP of human resources have both made this project a priority to help manage the company’s workforce. Their current system is not working well for doing basic functions like applicant tracking, new employee orientation, benefits management, employee security, compensation, etc. There are currently several decentralized systems various managers use for managing their people, including software to help assign people to various projects. The main goal of this project is to provide one centralized yet flexible system to more effectively manage all of Biotech, Inc.’s people. Senior managers believe it will take about one year and £1 million for this important project. They also feel it would be best to purchase an existing application and tailor it, as needed.

1. The project sponsors, the CIO, David, and the VP of Human Resources, Liz, are not sure who should manage this project. Is it best to put someone in charge with a strong IT background, someone familiar with HR, an internal candidate or an outside expert? Write a 1/2-page job description that would help decide who might be a good candidate for managing this project. 
2. Although senior management does not want a business case for proceeding with this project, they would like to know what some of the potential financial benefits could be from this project. Write a 1/2-page paper describing several potential financial benefits that could result from providing this system.
Part 2: Planning & Executing
David and Liz formed a search committee to find the best candidate for managing the Resource Management System Project. After reviewing many strong candidates, they decided to hire Anna to manage this critical project. Anna worked for a consulting firm and had successfully implemented several human resource systems in large organizations. 
Since this was a high priority project that should be completed in one year, they felt it was appropriate to go outside the company in this case. They knew they were paying a premium for Anna’s contract, but a lot was at stake. David and Liz agreed to be joint project sponsors, and they hand picked you to be the main internal IT liaison and Andres to be the main HR liaison. They would let the new project manager, Anna, form the rest of the project team.

1. Prepare a stakeholder analysis for this project, using the template provided in Appendices and example in core text as guides. Be creative in making up information about stakeholders, if it’s not provided.

2. Develop a Project Management Plan and a probability/impact matrix and list of prioritized risks for the project for the project including the following:
π Precise Scope Statement
π Schedule/Time Management
π Some cost/budget management
π Quality Management section
π Human Resource Planning
π Communication Strategy
π Risk & Issues Management

Assume some of the main functions this system must provide include applicant tracking, new employee orientation, benefits management, employee security, and compensation. The sponsors want the system to be able provide team-based, awards and assist in making team assignments across the organization. Liz, the VP of HR, would also like this project to consider providing professional development management and tracking; too, so they can make sure their people stay abreast in their fields and continue to develop their skills.

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