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The new century clinic associates accepted your interface , output, input, and data designs and your recommendation to install a server and 4 personal computers as clients on a local area network. The network will include a tape backup unit and internet access via modem that can exchange data with insurance companies . A high speed laser printer and an impact printer for multipart forms will be accessible by any of the 4 PC's. now you will determine system architecture for the new century systems.

1. You are willing to charge a lower rate for ongoing support services because you designed the system. You want New Century to use a specific procedure for requesting assistance and changes, however, so that you can plan your activities efficiently. Prepare a complete, written procedure for New Century Health Clinic maintenance change requests. Include appropriate forms with your procedure.

2. What could be causing the periodic slowdowns at New Century? If a problem does exist, which performance and workload measures would you monitor to pinpoint the problem?

3. At the end of the systems analysis phase, you studied the economic feasibility of the system and estimated the future costs and benefits. Now that the system is operational, should those costs and benefits be monitored? Why or why not?

4. You decide to prepare a security checklist for New Century. Prepare a list of security issues that the firm should evaluate and monitor. Be sure to organize the items into categories that match the five security levels.

Reference no: EM1353352

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