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Within the textbook, Hynes presents a strategic approach to the managerial communication process by dividing communication into three integrated yet distinct layers. Using Hynes' discussion as a baseline, prepare a professional report that expands this fundamental theory into practice.

Research creditable sources, and identify a managerial situation that exemplifies the use or misuse of these layers of communication.
Focus the subject of the report on managerial communication theory, and apply the selected business situation demonstrating success or failure on the part of management relative to message content, meaning, and delivery.
Properly develop and include a visual aid to assist with the explanation of findings.

The written assignment essay should be between 1050 and 1400 words in length. The report should demonstrate mastery of the concepts in module 1, be written in the third person, and be presented without "spin" or editorializing.

Reference no: EM13722704

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