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Assignment: Management to Address Special Needs of Culturally Diverse Employees

A large chain of beauty salons hire you as a consultant. The organization's management team faces a unique problem. About 1 percent of the employees have speech, hearing, visual, physical, or mental disabilities.

The management believes that it may not be addressing the special needs of the diverse employees because the organization lacks a diversity policy for employees with special needs. The management is also concerned that they may lose these employees to their competitors, who may have diversity policies for their workforces.

For the management prepare a one page diversity policy for employees with special needs. Include the following sections in your policy:

1. Diversity Needs To Be Addressed - This section should list the diversity needs that the policy aims to address and your rationale for the policy.

2. Retaining Diverse Employees - This section should focus on your recommendations on how the management can attract and retain diverse employees.

3. Preliminary Implementation Plan - This section should include your preliminary plan on how the management should implement the policy.

Reference no: EM131319872

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