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Term-cum-Industry Project

The main objective of this project is to develop a thorough understanding of the procedures of business statistics and its practical application in the real business world situation.

Every participant is required to do the necessary process and analyze the data of any real case of your choice of any company/firm. Prepare a detailed report on the statistical analysis applicable with the procedure followed for the same.

Use all the tools and techniques and data of the case and write a detailed summary of the calculations made and observations or conclusions made and submit a detailed report of the same, which have to be presented as a seminar.

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    Project will be based on the following criteria: Thoroughness of report: Were all the aspects of the project adequately examined, Clarity of the report: How well was the report written. Is it clear, well organized, attractive, Are there grammatical or spelling errors that detract from the review, Insight of the report: does the report provide clear insight to the likely effectiveness of the aspects included in the project.

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