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Step One:

Visit Geert Hofstede Cultural Dimensions-

Step Two:

Create a country comparison using the United States in first dropdown menu box to see the values for the six cultural dimensions. After selecting the United States, a second and a third country can be chosen in the second dropdown menu box. Keep the United States in the first box and then repeat for each country (Mexico, China, United Arab Emirates, and Israel) involved in the fast food expansion project to see a comparison of their scores.

Step Three:

Create a bar graph or table to highlight how the four countries compare to the United States by using the value scores under the comparison to create the bar chart. How to make a graph on Microsoft Word:

1. Click "Insert" tab

2. Click "Chart" in the Illustrations Group

3. Select "Bar"

4. Click "OK" to insert a chart and a spreadsheet will open alongside your Word document. The spreadsheet contains sample figures surrounded by a blue border. Column "A" contains data labels. The remaining columns contain data.

5. Click a corner of the border. Drag it down or up to add or remove items from the graph.

Reference no: EM131416100

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