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Mandatory Insurance. Consider a city with 100 drivers and a perfectly competitive market for automobile
insurance. The demand curve for auto insurance is linear and negatively sloped, with a slope of $10 per customer. At the initial price of $1,500, half the city s drivers (50 drivers) buy insurance. The price is just high enough to cover all the costs of providing insurance, including a 50 percent premium to cover the costs associated with uninsured drivers. Suppose the city makes auto insurance mandatory.
Predict the new equilibrium. (Related to Application 4 on page 631.)

Reference no: EM131134677

Whites test for homoscedasticity for first equation

Describe the steps you would use to undertake White's test for homoscedasticity for first equation and what assumption has been made about the error variance in first equation

Determine the domestic investment spending

The government collects $7 in taxes and spends $10 on locally-made goods. Firms borrow $7 and make $7 in domestic investment spending. The government and firms buy no import

Find the recent evidence in the wall street journal

Find the recent evidence in the wall street journal and other business publication on how companies expanding the use of techniques described in the opening case to understa

Calculate the annual net benefits of raising price of wastes

Imagine that the current price of waste disposal is $0.025/lb and the average waste disposal is 2.40 lb/p/d. When the price was previously $0.01/lb, the average waste dispos

Will fed need to increase or decrease supply of federal fund

Suppose that the demand for Federal funds curve is such that the quantity of funds demanded changes by $120 billion for each 1 percent change in the Federal funds interest r

Derive conditional distribution

Derive marginal distribution of x and y. Derive conditional distribution of y given x = 0 and x = 1 separately.  Prove the "law of iterated expectations" i.e. E[y]=E[E[y¦x]]

Derive an expression for the marginal product of labor

Consider a Cobb-Douglas production function with three inputs, K is the capital(number of machines), L is labor (nuber of workers) and H is human capital (the number of coll

Why is advertising prevalent in many oligopolies

Why is advertising prevalent in many oligopolies, especially when industry demand is inelastic Illustrate your answer by assuming that with advertising, a firm's demand curv


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