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Post initial posting plus add a reply to a peer post.  Your source MUST be from a business journal (Links to an external site.) such as those mentioned below and you MUST cite your source in your post and use APA  (Links to an external site.)reference at the bottom (Links to an external site.).  Business journals (Links to an external site.) can be found on the library pages - the library (Links to an external site.) has access to over 100 databases (Links to an external site.) to find journals on any interest. Be sure to check both grammar and spelling as mistakes will result in a loss of points. 

Our embedded librarian, Derek Malone, has created a library guide (Links to an external site.) for your use with this assignment and it even contains a tutorial video. Note:  You cannot the exact search that was used in the tutorial video to complete the assignment.


Choose a topic that was covered in one of the chapters in the textbook for this unit and research the Wall Street Journal, Harvard Business Review, etc. about companies that are applying these topics.  I am looking for you to relate real world examples to the topics that you are reading about.  Discuss the article or articles that you may have read and relate it to the textbook learning.  The goal of this exercise is for you to see that this material is very much relevant in the operating environment in which you will soon be working.  

for you information


Total Quality Management

OBJECTIVES:  After completing this chapter you should be able to:

  • Explain the meaning of total quality management (TQM).
  • Identify costs of quality.
  • Describe the evolution of TQM.
  • Identify key leaders in the field of quality and their contributions.
  • Identify features of the TQM philosophy.
  • Describe tools for identifying and solving quality problems.
  • Describe quality awards and quality certifications.


Just-in-Time and Lean Systems

OBJECTIVES:  After completing this chapter you should be able to:

  • Explain the core beliefs of the just-in-time (JIT) philosophy.
  • Describe the meaning of waste in JIT.
  • Explain the differences between "push" and "pull" production systems.
  • Explain the key elements of JIT manufacturing.
  • Explain the elements of total quality management (TQM) and their role in JIT.
  • Describe the role of people in JIT and why respect for people is so important.
  • Understand the impact of JIT on service and manufacturing organizations.
  • Understand the impact of JIT on all functional areas of the company.



OBJECTIVES:  After completing this chapter you should be able to:

  • Identify principles of forecasting.
  • Explain the steps involved in the forecasting process.
  • Identify types of forecasting methods and their characteristics.
  • Describe time series models and causal models.
  • Generate forecasts for data with different patterns, such as level, trend, seasonality, and cycles.
  • Describe causal modeling using linear regression.
  • Compute forecast accuracy.
  • Explain the factors that should be considered when selecting a forecasting model

Reference no: EM13848729

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