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Question 1

During 2002 the number of beds required per day at St Hallam's hospital was normally distributed with a mean of 1800 and a standard deviation of 190.  During the first 50 days of 2003 the average daily requirement for beds was 1830.  A senior hospital manager claims that this gives evidence that the requirements for beds has changed since 2001.  Do you agree?

Question 2

The following data were obtained in an experiment to estimate a possible relation between the number of showings in one week of a TV commercial in typical sales territories and the sales (in thousands of units) in that territory of the advertised article.


































(i) Show that the data is significantly correlated. 

(ii) Construct a scatter pot of the data.

(iii) Obtain a linear regression model for sales against number of showings per   week.

(iv) What will be the estimated sales if there are 7 showings in a week? And for 20 showings?

Reference no: EM13957154

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