Porter model of five forces appears to omit

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Is there a dimension of industry structure that Porter's model of Five Forces appears to omit?

Reference no: EM132234599

Explain different types of business information

Explain different types of business information, their sources and purposes - Present complex internal business information using three different methods appropriate to the us

Marketing strategy for product-service of a business entity

This assignment involves the preparation of Marketing Strategy for a product or service of a business entity of one choice. One may choose either one own organization or an

Cesare lombroso and the theory of the criminal man

Understanding theory in social context is an essential part of the study of criminology. As discussed in Chapter 2, describe in detail the work of Cesare Lombroso and the th

How much longer do you think apple can sustain its advantage

540- The Quest for Competitive Advantage: Apple vs. Microsoft. How much longer do you think Apple can sustain its competitive advantage (not just over Microsoft, but in genera

Briefly describe the data collected and the finding of study

Describe data collected and the findings of study including interpretation and implications of each study. Describe research design, population sample, data collection procedu

Advantages-disadvantages in terms of the actual results

Within an incentive pay system, what are the advantages/disadvantages to rewarding team members in terms of their competencies? What are the advantages/disadvantages in term

What would you want to acquire

If you could acquire new divisions (skillsets), what would you want to acquire? What would you be willing to pay (in money or in time/effort) to add those to your portfolio?

How will you communicate this change to the vendor

What can you change in your plans to create an opportunity? What would that opportunity be? What is the probability that this opportunity could occur? What is the impact? What


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