Poison that blocks acetylcholine receptors

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Curare is a plant-based poison that blocks acetylcholine receptors. Based on your understanding of muscle function, explain how paralysis results when an animal is shot with an arrow dipped in curare. Why does curare paralyze skeletal muscles without affecting contraction of the heart?

Reference no: EM132280314

Define the terms pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics

Explain why the mild respiratory infection would be considered a trigger for BB's asthma attack and what is the rationale for the use of inhaled corticosteroids in the long-te

Prevention to keep our heart and circulatory system healthy

Our heart pumping and our circulatory system keep us alive. Many things like poor diet, lack of exercise, drinking and drugs damage our systems, even to the point of early dea

Discuss three examples of humans

Discuss three examples of how humans utilize microbes and their products today. Develop one argument in support of or refuting the following statement: "Viruses are living mic

Describe an amplification of the initial signal

The signaling mechanisms used by a steroid-hormone receptor and by an ion channel linked receptor have very few components. Can either mechanism lead to an amplification of

Why crohn disease differs from ulcerative colitis

Gastroparesis is delayed stomach emptying and can cause nausea and vomiting. The food stays longer in the stomach. Diabetes can lead to gastroparesis. Which of the following

Describe the function of the specific product named

Name any one specific product which your body could make using your DIETARY amino acids. Briefly describe the function of the specific product named. Please provide a comple

Which cells are the smallest-bacteria. elodea or spirostomum

What is similar about the functions of RER,SER, and Golgi complex? How might they interact? Which organelles are exclusive to plants? To animals? How does this affect the fu

Thousands of different life forms have arisen

Over the past 3 billion years, thousands of different life forms have arisen from non-life. Each one started independently and they have changed in a random way over time.  Ea


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