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• Part 1: Several types of point of interests (POI) such as - (1) Petrol station, (2) Taxi Stand, (3) ATM, (4) Hospital and (5) Shopping centre are located in a city. Their locations (longitude and latitude) are provided in a text file (a file will be provided in the resource section of the subject site, or you can create your own dummy text file according to the format you prefer). You must work with at least one type/kind of POI and at least 20 samples (e.g. your text file should contain the location of 20 petrol stations in a city). You have to write a JAVA program that would get the locations of all the POIs from the file and plot them on a map (graph).

Optional: Save the map/graph in a file if the user wants to.

• Part 2: incorporate a mechanism to zoom in/out the map either by having buttons or with the help of the scroll button.

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