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1. Performance consists of both task and contextual dimensions. Please define each type of performance, and explain whether companies should focus on task performance, contextual performance, or a combination of both. Why?

2. Differentiate between behavior approach and results approach. List several examples when behavior approach is most appropriate and list several examples when results approach would be most appropriate, explain your reasoning.

3. As a manager, what do you think are the most important deliberate practices for a subordinate to incorporate into their daily tasks that leads to excellence, why? How can you ensure those practices are followed by the employee?

Reference no: EM131408391

Select a nation other than the u.s,

Select a nation other than the U.S, and other than one already posted by any of your classmates.(NOTE: This encourages you to begin, and complete, this assignment earlier, rat

Types of ice cream on contract basis for major restaurant

Jack's Ice Cream Parlor produces two types of ice cream on a contract basis for a major restaurant chain using a large blender. A batch of ice cream A requires a setup time of

Optimal project planning under threat of a disruptive event

Review the article "Optimal project planning under the threat of a disruptive event." Based on what you read in Chapter 5 of the PMBOK what do you see as important points that

What are defenses to title vii action

Describe the following acts and agencies and what they regulate or protect: The FDA, FTC, unfair and deceptive practices, EPA, Clean Air Act, and Endangered Species Act.

Implies rationality and neutrality

Many business schools teach management as a technical activity that can be learned and applied in the workplace. This implies rationality and neutrality. Where did these assum

Throwing out the anchor

Research the common threads that Fiat and Tata Motors share that make them appropriate partners. Recommend two (2) actions that Fiat and Tata Motors can take to become success

About the training process

Training Process: Ensuring Employees' Readiness for Training (attitudes and motivation, basic skills). Ensuring Transfer of Training (self-management strategies, peer and mana

What is the supply chain and marketing channel

What is the supply chain and marketing channel? How is the supply chain/marketing channel the third “P,” place, in the marketing mix? Why do you think distribution centers are


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