Planning-organizing and implementing-controlling

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Please post the explanation of four elements of management and how you transfer these rules to your business.


organizing and implementing



Reference no: EM13845340

Choose to follow rather than lead technological innovations

Why would a company choose to follow rather than lead technological innovations? Is the potential advantage of technological leadership greater when innovations are occuring r

Videophone technology in improving the further caregiving

The real question is how we solves this problem in modern society which is the actual cause of this isolation in individuals? What is the Latest prototypes care is needed to c

What is meant by the term administrative state

What is meant by the term "administrative state"? In your opinion, when did the administrative state first start to arise? Additionally, how effective, in your opinion, have t

Sap and petrotrin overall enterprise

How has PMMM brought success to both SAP and Petrotrin's overall enterprise?  Use current financial, operational, and strategic news to support the article details for eithe

Define business intelligence

Define “Business Intelligence”. What are the problems in traditional data management in the modern global business concept ? Explain MDM – Master Data Management and how it he

Define operational budget for krona community hospital

As a member of the finance team, you have been asked to forecast the upcoming year's operational budget for Krona Community Hospital. Look below for last year's budget. Afte

Diversification is corporate-level strategy

Imagine that you own a small coffee shop and you are considering expanding your business through one or more options. One option is to merge with the gift shop next door. Dive

Benefits program in a large organization

Based on the information discussed in the chapter, how would you oversee the design (or redesign) of a benefits program in a large organization? What issues would you consider


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