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There are certain very serious Social Issues which should have been taken into consideration ever. Women imprisonment is one of the very critical issues to be focused and discussed upon. Evidently certain correctional facilities are mandatory to be introduced especially in American prisons.

This report covers a plan on correctional facility improvement and contains the following tabs:-

1.      Introduction and Thesis Statement

"The main purpose of this paper is to recommend the plan for improvement in correctional facilities in case of women prison in America."

2.      Major target of Women Population

3.      Key Issues in Correction

  • Effective community correction programme
  • Education Programs
  • Physical and mental healthcare
  • Societal awareness programs

4.      Recommended plan for targeted population

  • Provide the women prisoners with equality position
  • Re-entry in the community
  • Apply management approach
  • Employment Opportunities
  • Proper education facilities

5.      Conclusion

Women imprisonment must have upgraded correctional facilities. It will enhance the will power to live and grow in a positive way. Most of the women prisoners committed any crime in very adverse circumstances; we should give them a chance to flourish. It will become a milling stone in the removal programe of social evils. 

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