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Given what you know about personal self-interest, how does the CEO grapple with personal self-interest relative to the interests of the firm? Are the CEO's personal self-interests equivalent to the firm's? Why or why not? (b) Another aspect of TCE is that the concept of trust is not discussed, which is of particular interest to me from a capitalist standpoint because I don't think actual trust exists in business. Do you agree? For example, do you think that firms that seek joint ventures or partnerships do so because they trust the other party? Discuss your answer through the lens of the contract (e.g., the contract that an employee signs with the employer) between parties. For instance, how does the existence of the contract bear upon your answer? (c) Finally, tell me what you think about change. The text gives the sense that change is universally good. Is it? It didn't work out very well for Coca-Cola in 1985 when the firm decided to change its magic formula or for Compaq and HP when these firms merged in 2001. Is there anything we can learn from these firms' respective plights in the context of change? Explain.

Reference no: EM132233787

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