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Explain the positive features of this performance appraisal system and features needing improvement. Be specific and thorough in your answers. Vague generalities are unacceptable.

1) Did the purpose of the performance review form that was used seem to be administrative, developmental, or both? Explain.

2) Describe the basis on which performance was evaluated. Were job-related performance standards used? Or were employees evaluated based on traits?

3) Who evaluated performance? Based on what you learned in Chapter 8 about pros and cons of various "information sources" (a.k.a. performance raters, such as supervisor, peers, subordinates, self, customers, or a combination) was the person (were the people) who rated your (the employee’s) performance an appropriate individual(s) to do so? Justify your answer.

4) What methods and/or performance review forms were used? Explain which problems, if any, you identified in the forms or methods. Which rating errors, such as those discussed under the heading, "Eliminating rating errors" in section 8.2.e. of the course textbook, if any, did you notice? Explain.

5) Was a performance interview? If so, were you (or the employee) notified about the interview ahead of time so you could prepare for it or not? How was the interview conducted? Which of the three approaches described in the text (tell-and-sell, tell-and-listen, problem-solving), if any, was used? How effective or ineffective was the approach used?

6) If you (or the employee) disagreed with the performance review, would you have been able to appeal it or not, or don't you know? Were you asked to sign and date the appraisal? What, if anything, were you told your signature on the form meant?

Please Refer text including intext citations -Human resource management-Snell-Morris.

Reference no: EM132234383

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