Perform a Repeated Measure ANOVA and include the output

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Assignment - Repeated Measures ANOVA

1. CLEAN THE DATA (including finding outliers, missing data, incorrectly entered data, and recode if needed).

2. Perform a Repeated Measure ANOVA and include the output.

3. The data file contains Groups (3 - ELA Classes), three exams (Pretest, Posttest 1, and Posttest 2), and gender (male=0, female=1, refuse to disclose=2).

4. With the data information above, please create a research question and a hypothesis in order to perform the Repeated Measures ANOVA.

5. Write up the Repeated Measures ANOVA in APA format.

6. What do you think would be a good covariate for this type of dataset that may impact your selected research question?

7. Run a two way ANOVA with this dataset (with output) and a write up in APA format. Data is attached in excel.

Attachment:- Assignment File.rar

Reference no: EM132279726

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