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A few years ago, Pepsi invited consumers to take the "Pepsi Challenge". Consumers were asked to decide which of the two sodas, Coke or Pepsi , they preferred in a blind taste test. Pepsi was interested in determining what factors played a role in people's taste preferences. One of the factors studied was the gender of the consumer.Below are the results of analyses comparing the taste preferences of men and women with the proportions depicting preferences for Pepsi.

Males:n=109, PSM=0.422018 Females: n=52, PSF= 0.25

PSM-PSF= 0.172018 Z=2.11825

Referring to the data above, suppose Pepsi wanted to test to determine if males preferred Pepsi more than females. Using the test statistic given, compute the appropriate p value for the test. I need this problem worked with a step by step explanation. Thanks in advance.

Reference no: EM1336738

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