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Dr. Karl Ware is a Professor of Business Law at DeVry/ Keller University and has recruited "30" Florida Residents and Prelaw Students from "3" Florida Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) to get GPA, Veteran Status, Major, Demographic Data (such as Ethnic Background, Sex, Fluent Languages, and Law Specialty Interest: Forensics, Criminal, Family, etc. He currently has the data saved in a Microsoft Excel workbook with data from each HBCU on a separate worksheet.

Part 1: Given the Professor's needs, summarize how he can consolidate this data to output average GPA, minimum, and maximum GPA

Part 2: Partition the diversity of females, males, Fluent Languages, and Veterans

Part 3: Display the ethnicity groups in the context of law specialty to promote diversity and inclusion in column charts.

Reference no: EM13842357

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